Are you looking for a cute and simple way to display the many photos you have of your costumed kids?  Or perhaps you have some nice pictures from the pumpkin patch that you would like to show off this fall?

My adorable Pumpkin Picture Holders are both easy to make and easy on the budget!

All the supplies were easily found at the dollar store in the craft and seasonal aisles.  There may also be some things you already have in your own craft supply closet at home.

Make a Pumpkin Picture Holder

What You’ll Need:

  • Small foam floral pumpkins and or gourds
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • Narrow wooden dowels (or popsicle sticks)
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Hot glue gun and gluesticks
  • Fake leaves or any other embellishments you might want to put on your pumpkin
  • Prints of your favourite Halloween photos


  1. Begin by removing the stems from your pumpkins – mine had both plastic stems I was able to easily pull out and foam formed stems that I simply cut off with a serrated kitchen knife.
  2. Paint your pumpkin using the acrylic paints.  I found mine took several coats to get a nice even finish.
  3. Paint on a jack-o-lantern face or have your kids decorate your painted pumpkin as desired.
  4. Paint your wooden dowel (or popsicle sticks) and clothespins.  I went with green so they would like stems coming out of the tops of the pumpkins.  For my white ghost version, I painted them all white to match.
  5. Cut the dowel to the right length to glue the clothespin onto and still be long enough to insert into your pumpkin.  To cut through my dowel, I again used my serrated kitchen knife and then simple snapped it in half with my hands once I had cut partway through.
  6. Hot glue the clothespin to the dowel and, once the glue has set, insert the dowel carefully into the top of your pumpkin.  Be sure to glue the clothespin the right direction so that clip opens towards the top end of the dowel.
  7. Clip your photo onto the top of your finished photo holder and put it on display.

This is such an easy and versatile craft and is certainly not limited to Jack-o-lanterns.  I used a narrow shaped pumpkin and painted it white to create a ghost photo holder.

For my pumpkin patch photos I found this great wooden white picket fence from Michaels that I hot glued several of the finished Pumpkin photo holders onto to create a cute display.

Having a Halloween party?  Let the kids come up with their own creations to match their costumes.  I painted this Ninja Turtle themed pumpkin to hold a picture of my son in his costume from last year.

You could also think beyond the paint and let the kids have an array of craft supplies to decorate their pumpkins.  Ideas might include glitter, pom poms, pipe cleaners, stickers, googly eyes, ribbon or sequins.

For Thanksgiving or a Halloween party, the pumpkins could even be used as name card holders or on the buffet table to hold the food labels near each dish.

Get creative and have fun!

Chantelle is a Pinterest loving, party planning, bargain-hunting, DIYing mom who enjoys being able to share creative ideas with others while getting to spend her days at home with her two children and two dogs. She has a degree in graphic design and loves all things visual and creative including digital design, paper crafts, interior design, baking and photography. Visit her site at