Will’s pretty much out of diapers at this point – at his daycare, anyway.

His teacher told me she didn’t mind at all training him and a few of the other kids his age. This was back in January. So, I bought little underwear and wished her luck (not believing it would work out.)

Well, Will is using the toilet. Not the potty. The actual, big toilet! Sometimes he even naps without a diaper, and he shows when he’s ready to go.

Just not at home.

So, this is what gets me. He uses the toilet at daycare. He’s a “big boy” and doesn’t touch his diapers when he’s there, four days a week. And yet, when he comes home, he refuses to touch our toilet. He excitedly jumps up for the toilet when it’s time to go “poo poo” or “pee pee” (the first few times were exciting for us, too! I wanted to see my two-year-old out of diapers!)  but I think he treats it as a game at home. He pretends to want to use it and then stops when we try to get him to sit. Instead, he cries and asks for his diaper.

Do you know why this would be? I’m thinking it’s because, when he’s around other kids going potty he’s more inclined to go too. At home, he doesn’t have that motivation (Ben won’t let him see him in the bathroom).

So, for now, Will is just wearing underwear at daycare. Diapers remain at home. But, I think, once the warm weather appears we’ll be encouraging more underwear and more outdoor play (less indoor accidents). Crossing my fingers, we have a diaper-free boy by fall!

What age were your kids when they were potty trained?

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