When women need a pick-me-up, they often go flocking to the cosmetics counter to add a hit of budget-friendly colour to their wardrobe with a new lipstick or nail polish. Well, consider this month’s featured accessory the kids’ version of that!

Polka Dot Piggy’s fun, funky fabrics make even the most functional, mundane of objects – the reusable bag – fabulous. This Saskatchewan company makes the coolest, most smile-inducing, brightly-coloured bags around!



From wet bags (for cloth diapers, bathing suits, etc.) to sandwich & snack bags, you won’t find any that are cuter or more versatile. For the pool, to the playground, and everywhere in between, this is the ultimate eco-friendly accessory! And, it’s one you’ll love to use, because it’s not just a bag – it’s a fashion statement!