I’m still breastfeeding but have slowed down in the past couple of months. I nurse Will about two or three times a day now. In addition to breast milk, he receives formula and solid foods. The other day I developed a plugged milk duct. The first big one I have had since Will was born! A large, painful lump formed in my left breast and I was left with no choice but to nurse, pump, and massage my breast the entire day to help remove it. If you have ever had a plugged duct, you understand how painful it is! Not a good time. Fortunately, by the end of the day, the swelling dissolved and I found some relief (or so I thought). That night I realized my nipple was completely raw, and I found blood on the inside of my bra. I was in the same pain I was in during the early days of nursing. I couldn’t wear a top without a bra, and I had to cover myself with pads. For months breastfeeding was easy, and now I’m back to feeling as though my nipples have been brushed up and down on a cheese grater. Ouch!  Thankfully, I still have some lanolin ointment left, and it’s helping me get through this phase.

Have you experienced a plugged milk duct? What did you do for relief?