Remember when the phone was the best and main form of communication? When I was a teen, I’d sit in my bedroom talking to my friends (and boys I liked) for hours. If the phone at home rang, I picked it up. If I missed a call, I’d listen to the message on the answering machine and call the person back! Well, these days, “the phone” means a device that I can check emails, social media updates, and text messages on. I seem to have a hard time using it to talk on!

I don’t find a need to apologize for no longer being a phone talker. My life no longer allows me to casually sit and have a conversation. People in my life know that, if they want my full attention, we need to schedule an in-person get together. Calling me almost always results in a) voicemail b) constant background interruptions from my lovely children c) half my attention going to the other thing I was trying to do before receiving the call. Text is just so much easier. Now, with that being said, I do still love chatting it up with my girlfriends I can’t see that often. I just need us to text the best time to chat first!

Are you a phone talker? Or a texter?