During the summer vacation, as the days are longer I find there is a lot of time to do different indoor and outdoor activities. I try to keep my children engaged by giving them opportunities to do a variety of activities, as a way to prevent them from getting drawn into watching television or using the computer for long periods of time. To do this, as a parent I find I need to be creative and allow my children to try different crafts or bake with me, so they can stay engaged and learn to explore on their own.

Kool Aid Play Dough

Recently, we got a pack of Kool-Aid from a friend and instead of drinking it we used it to make this cool play dough that smelled wonderful. I don’t encourage my children to snack on products that have lots of colouring and artificial flavours, so instead of throwing the packet of Kool-Aid away we put it to good use and made this play dough.

This Cooked Kool-Aid play dough has to be made by an adult. Allow children to play with the play dough once it is completely cool. To make your own Kool-Aid play dough you will need…

1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1 cup of Kool-Aid juice

3 tbsp. oil

Kool Aid Play Dough

Combine the flour, salt, and oil. Bring the Kool-Aid to a boil and add the ingredients and keep stirring and cooking until the mixture comes together and you can form a ball. Let the dough cool before handling.

Initially instead of cooking the dough, I tried adding the hot Kool-Aid to the ingredients to form the dough. However, in this method I found the mixture sticks to the fingers when we play with it. So I tried cooking the dough, which made the dough remain soft and feel sticky, but it did not stick to our hands when we were playing with it. This play dough can be stored in a sealed container to play for a few times before tossing it out.

It is known that playing with play dough has lots of developmental benefits for children. It helps children’s cognitive development, as they try to manipulate different tools when playing with the play dough, and it increases their fine and gross motor physical skills. When children interact with their peers and adults while playing with the dough, it will help increase their communication, language, and literacy skills. This soothing activity has lots of social and emotional benefits as well. Playing with dough also benefits adults to calm down and feel less stressed. So make your own play dough, and get involved with your children’s play and let your imaginations go wild!

Kool Aid Play Dough


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