How far in advance do you begin planning your summer vacations, camps, activities, etc.?

The last two years, I have been pretty firm on my plans by mid-March…which is almost four months before the end of June! (That’s the norm when you’re a parent!)

It seems a little outrageous to plan out so far in advance, but you have to move with the flow of traffic. If other people are planning out their summers and making bookings, you need to as well.

Right now, Ben’s entire July is planned. He’s in four camps, and we’re taking a week off to go to a cottage. I must admit, it feels awesome to have at least half of the summer planned out. Not because I truly want it to be planned out, but because I know I won’t have to worry about trying to get into camps and activities that are full!

I count myself lucky. Where I live, Mississauga, you don’t have to wait by the computer at midnight with a million other parents on a specific day to register your children for activities. I’ve been hearing of this happening in other cities and towns and am just gobsmacked. Sometimes it happens here with swimming lessons for certain times, such as early Saturday mornings. And I’m happy to let those times go. We’re not weekend morning people anyway. I’m more than happy to take that noon slot!

Back to summer, I’m happy we’ve got most of it booked already but also can’t get over that I organize that far in advance. I’ve come a long way since my twenties when impromptu was just a way of life.

Do you have your kids’ summer all planned out?

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