Each year around the holidays, I get the urge to take a real family portrait. But, considering my son doesn’t even own a pair of dress shoes (there isn’t much need, and I’m a practical girl!), it’s hard to come up with outfits that are, as my daughter would say, fancy enough. So when I stumbled upon a new line for kids called Pink Elephant Accessories, I was intrigued. They offer a wide assortment of beautifully embellished hairbands and clips, as well as adorable ties, for kids of all ages – the perfect items to dress up any outfit, no matter how simple or plain. I’ve always believed that accessories “make” an outfit, and this is no exception.



Check out Pink Elephant Accessories online; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to inquire about placing a custom order.

PinkElephant-NavyHeadband - Accessory of the Month