It’s becoming quite apparent to me that people are born with different personalities – as well as different interests and different learning styles. When I look at my boys, I see many similarities, but I also see many contrasts.

One notable distinction between them is the way they play.

I, not yet clueing into what the problem was looked at him confused.

Ben has always enjoyed stacking and organizing toys. At Will’s age, Ben was lining up toy trucks, piling cups on top of one another, and showing a real interest in meticulous organization (although, this is far from the case in his room and our basement toy room!) These days, Ben’s favourite thing to do is build structures and robots with Lego. He is also becoming quite the master builder on Minecraft. I’m quite impressed with him!

I now recognize that Will is also showing signs of his interests already. He has no interest in building or organizing. But, he quite enjoys throwing balls and whacking furniture with his toy maracas! I’m (kind of) kidding about the whacking furniture part, but he does love playing ball. He can sit for several minutes in our living room tossing the ball back and forth to me. And his throw is pretty impressive for a one-year-old! I already see that Will may just have a love of sports (I forgot to mention how fixated he gets on the TV when hockey’s on! My husband is very excited). Ben seems to love architecture. I’m already dreaming of the future home he’ll build us. ?

It’s interesting to see how early interests can develop. At this point, the activities they’re drawn to seem pre-programmed. But going forward, I can appreciate their interests will rely on our encouragement. It begins with nature but flourishes with nurture. I’m honestly starting to believe this.

Do you agree? Have you seen interests develop in early childhood that shaped what children do in the future?