Chores and allowance have officially begun!

Every Saturday Ben dusts for a toonie. It began last weekend when he approached us asking for money to buy some costumes for a Minecraft character. He was asking nicely, but it hit home to me at that moment that he knows nothing about responsibility, and we probably give in to him too much. Now that Ben’s five, I feel it’s a good time to teach him about money and savings.

We’re starting off slowly by giving him just one chore one day out of the week. Although, other days he is asked to hang up his coat, take his dinner plate to the kitchen, and put his toys away. As I’m reading over this post, I feel quite confident that we’re on the right track! I look forward to the day when he starts doing the dishes. That will be a beautiful moment for me.

Do your kids do chores and get an allowance? What age did you begin?