I was one of those moms, who was a far better mom before I actually became one. Well, maybe that’s not completely true. However, I will say I thought it would be easier. I thought there would be more time.

I had high hopes for myself, and truly thought I’d be that Pinterest Perfect Mom who hammers out adorable DIYs both flawlessly and with little effort for each and every holiday.

However, after a series of Pinterest Fails, it didn’t take me long to realize that:

a. I am not as crafty and creative as I thought.
b. Those DIY’s take A LOT of time. Time that that this mama just doesn’t have.

Parenting Reality

If we’re being honest, most days I can’t find the time to match the basket full of socks in the laundry room or tackle that dreaded list of errands, so spending hours upon hours on crafty projects seems like a reckless waste of time….

“Sorry honey, no dinner tonight and yes I know the house is trashed, but check out the cute little Shamrocks I made for the kids. It only took me three times and 8 hours to get them right”

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do those things for the kids. I love creating new traditions, and love the final product on those rare occasions when I get the project right.

I do, I truly do. Not because the perfect Instagram picture, or to show the other Moms that I can go above and beyond too… but for the memories I’m making with the kids.

I have such great childhood memories of my Dad creating little traditions on holidays and special days. My Dad always made me feel so special, and I want the kids to look back on their childhood with the same fond memories.

But again, it all comes back to time!

Keep It Simple

This year, after spending hours upon hours molding individual Valentine’s Day chocolates for my 10-year old-stepson’s class this year, I made a vow. Keep it simple.

With St. Patty’s Day right around the corner, I’m fighting the urge to dive into a complicated and time consuming craft knowing full well the experience for the kids won’t be any different.

Cold Refreshing Mint Chocolate Chip MilkShake with a StrawThis year my husband and I will be foregoing the green beer to hang out with the kiddos. Naturally I have the urge to create a memory, but this time I’m saying no to the complicated crafts that keep popping up in my feed.

Instead, we’re going to celebrate with another festive green drink by hitting up the drive through and ordering a round of McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. I’ll let them do the work, while we make the memories!

A cheap, fun, simple and delicious St. Patty’s Day Tradition!

No time consuming Pinterest craft needed.


jamie scrimgeourJamie Scrimgeour is a coffee and wine loving second wife, stepmom x3 and mom x1 who blogs candidly about all things blended family. She’s on a mission to open up the conversation about blended families and debunk the stigma associated with being a stepmom. She is a straight shooter, loves a good mom hack and is all about keeping it real. You can follow Jamie on Facebook, Instagram and on her website.