As a parent, you’ll experience many wonderful milestones in your child’s development. From first steps to first grade, each one will make you beam with pride!

One of those major milestones is potty training. This one, in particular, can be wonderful, frustrating, gratifying and leave you dumbfounded, all in the span of a week. (Trust me, I’ve been there – twice!)

You may have one child who navigates the world of toileting with ease, and another who has exactly the opposite experience. While toilet training can be a challenge, having the right products to help your child in their journey is a must.

Pampers’ all-new EasyUps training underwear are here to help!

Conventional diapers and disposable training pants are made from material that traps liquid (which is good), but the flip side is that they don’t let your little one’s skin breathe (which is bad). Pampers knew there was a better solution, so they invested years of research and development into improving their EasyUps product… and it does not disappoint!  At a recent launch event, I saw a demonstration showing just how breathable the new product is.

Pampers EasyUps breathability test; EasyUps Giveaway
EasyUps (left), cotton underwear (middle) and a conventional diaper (right) are set upon bowls of boiling water. Red heat/moisture-reactive material is then placed on top of each bowl.

The all-new redesigned, breathable Pampers EasyUps are revolutionary because they act just like real underwear! With a soft feel and characteristics of big kid underwear – they’re easier to pull on and breathable just like cotton -you know your child will be comfortable on his or her potty-training adventure.


New EasyUps feature the following:

  • 360 o Stretchy Waistband: A 360° stretchy waistband stretches all the way around, giving toddlers an underwear-like fit.
  • Extra Absorb Channels TM : Pampers exclusive Extra Absorb Channels distribute wetness evenly to provide outstanding protection against leaks, day or night.
  • Dual Leak-Guard Barriers TM : Dual Leak-Guard Barrier help stop leaks where they happen most — around the legs.
  • Super Soft, Like Cotton Underwear: Easy Ups feel like cotton underwear thanks to super soft material.
  • Easy Tear Sides: Easy tear sides are designed to help make removal easy when needed.
  • Fun Graphics: The Thomas the Engine™, Dora the Explorer™ and Hello Kitty™ designs help make potty training fun.

If you’re about to embark on the potty training journey, or even if you’ve already started, we know you’ll love Pampers EasyUps!

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