2571 Robie Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4N5
Phone: 902-405-4367 or 1-866-788-2229

Website: www.nurtured.ca

You can always spot a labour of love – the attention to detail, the care and the passion really shines through. And for Jolyn Swain, owner of Halifax’s Nurtured boutique, her passion really does shine through. From the well-curated product lines to inviting store displays and parenting resources, Nurtured is your one-stop-shop for everything baby!

Jolyn, a Mom of two, and her husband purchased Nurtured in March of 2011. It was already a popular natural parenting destination in Atlantic Canada, known for its amazing selection of carriers and cloth diapers, as well as its courteous and knowledgeable staff, and they had no intention of changing a thing! (Their passion for continuing the wonderful momentum led them to expand the store and add a brand-new lounge and children’s play area, making the in-store experience even more enjoyable for their customers.)

In addition to cloth diapers and carriers, Nurtured is the exclusive distributor in Atlantic Canada of Fagus cars and trucks– heirloom-quality toys handmade in Germany in a workshop for the disabled. They also carry hard-to-find Bambino Merino sleep sacks, soft swaddlers and hats from the UK, and whimsical Flensted Mobiles from Denmark (they’ve been making mobiles since 1954!). For a great local find, check out their Turn a New Leaf brand of wool baby bedding. Lofty wool puddle pads, duvets and your child’s first pillow are carefully crafted by this Nova Scotian company, who also makes a line of hemp breast pads and hemp doublers customers can’t get enough of! And, if you’re looking for a cute and whimsical gift, they carry the full line of Toronto-based Cate & Levi products, made from recycled materials (each one is unique!).  If you’ve got a budding artist, you’ll want to check out their enviable collection of natural art products by Stockmar, Lyra, and their newest addition, U.S.-based Wee Can Too products.  A must-have for Easter is their egg dyeing kit – 2 sets of 3 egg shaped dyes (great for teaching kids how to mix colours) and a crayon to draw a design on the egg prior to dipping it into the dye. Jolyn was first turned on to their products when she saw their finger paint and chalks made from fruits and vegetables! (Who would’ve thought?) These gluten-free and vegan art supplies are perfect for toddlers to explore art, without parents fretting about the inevitable taste testing. (You just know they’re going to!)

So, aside from their impressive product lineup, what sets Nurtured apart? Fans say it’s their genuine customer-centric atmosphere and integration with their community. A typical visit to Nurtured could include conversations on what new products they’ve tested, remedies for teething and troubleshooting diapering solutions for your heavy wetter. They’re also proud to be closely connected to the birth community and open their doors to Nova Scotia’s private and volunteer doulas. They host drop-in breastfeeding support and hold workshops on topics such as Breastfeeding 101, infant massage and comfort measures. They bring in community experts to answer questions on topics such as calm parenting your 2 year old, sleep and baby-led weaning. If you can’t find a topic already covered in a workshop or their extensive selection of books, they’ll likely know someone to refer you to!

Nurtured prides itself on creating a space for parents to learn and grow, and their loyal following is a testament to their hard work and dedication. In fact, I was told about Nurtured by a fan on Twitter named Kerry. She was kind enough to shine a light on this Eastern Canadian gem when I tweeted that I was looking for an exceptional boutique to feature. I find that the best stores are sometimes off the beaten path, discovered by the all-important word-of-mouth (or word-of-Mom, as I like to call it). No matter how much advertising a business does, nothing beats a recommendation by a fellow parent. So, if you’re in Halifax, stop by and say hi! And, if you’re not lucky enough to be in the neighbourhood, check outNurtured online. With their huge selection of fantastic finds, be prepared to wipe up drool — yours, not your baby’s!

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Congratulations to Daniele from Brossard QC! She won an amazing Flensted mobile courtesy of courtesy of Nurtured! Check our current Featured Boutique article for your chance to win.