I just received good news from my doctor. My thyroid levels are normal! If you’ve been following my posts for a while, you might recall thyroid went into hyper mode after I gave birth to Benjamin. Before ever becoming a mom I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease. This basically means your body is producing too much of the thyroid hormone that causes the metabolism to go into overdrive.  Sounds “great” but when this happens you’re left feeling moody, anxious, tired, shaky, and far too skinny. I went years without realizing I had it and looking back I now understand why I went a little crazy at times. I’m blaming it on the thyroid!

My Graves Disease went into remission but re-emerged when I had Ben. This is quite common with this condition. I took the necessary medicine, and it went into remission again (this isn’t common, by the way). So, this time, around, my doctor kept me closely monitored. I had blood work done throughout my pregnancy. I recently had blood work done again to make sure all levels were still normal. And thankfully they are! I knew they were. I feel completely different this time. I feel put together, less anxious, and healthy.

Thyroid issues, especially hypothyroidism, are quite common, though. So if you’re feeling “off” I suggest you visit your doctor. For more information, visit the Thyroid Foundation of Canada.