Ben thinks school is cool and, I have to say, I feel much better about school this year.

Ben’s now in grade one, and I feel like it’s a great year for him so far.  I love the play-based learning in Ontario – for junior kindergarten only; his senior year felt too drawn out. By the time Ben was in the second year of kindergarten, I could see he was itching to try something else. He wasn’t learning how to read and write. He was with kids who were a year (or a year and a half) younger and he yearned to be with the older kids. Last year, he was also still transitioning from only child to older brother. There was a lot going on.

This year, while reading and writing are taking some time, I can see many positive changes.  He’s taking an interest in school projects, even coming home and telling me all about it (which never happened last year). He’s trying to read and write. He wants to read and write, and I can see he’s inspired by the other kids in his class who are, which I think makes all the difference. He’s with all kids his age, which, I feel, helps with consistency for both the kids and the parents. I know the kids he’s with this year will be moving on together next year (even if they’re not in the same class, they’re in the same grade and will be interacting during shared activities).

So far, school is off to a great start and Ben even says “it’s cool”. There will always be bumps in the road, but I feel like grade one is the year that is motiving my son to be the best student he can be. Did you see a positive difference in your child from kindergarten to grade one?  

caroline-headshots_04Caroline is mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a wonderfully-supportive husband, and the owner of a successful social media management and content writing business called Flourish Marketing.