You know how some kids seem like they’re born performers? I know I’m one of thousands or millions of moms who look at my kid and think “he could seriously be a rock star if he wanted to be”. Ben can be timid but he’s also very comfortable rocking out to my favourite Coldplay songs in the car or getting his Lego figures to dance on the kitchen table. So, when we attended this year’s holiday concert at his school, I was surprised that he had stage fright.

The theme was Elfish and the Sleigh Riders and it was the cutest thing I had seen all year. Ben was very nervous leading up to performance day. He told us he opted out of being on stage and was instead a singer in the audience. We tried to encourage him, but I also didn’t want to push the subject too much and discourage any future performances.

I look forward to school concerts each year. I love watching Ben have a great time with his friends as he gets all serious and sings the lyrics he’s practiced over and over again. I can see he loves it, but he is still reluctant to go ‘all in’. Someday, though, I know I’ll be watching him on the stage!

Are your kids shy in front an audience? Or do they love the spotlight?

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