My Daycare Debate

I’m debating on whether or not Will should go to daycare. Ever.

A few months ago I was seriously thinking about enrolling him into a daycare in the fall. I called Ben’s old daycare and another one in my neighbourhood. Both, home daycares, didn’t have space because they already have two kids under the age of two. Under Ontario regulations, home daycares cannot exceed these numbers. After learning this, I let the thought go with promises to myself to inquire again after the summer. We have an excellent nanny who I don’t want to see go, anyway. The reason why I was looking into daycare though was because I want Will to have daily interaction with other kids.

But, something that didn’t occur to me was that Will already has daily interaction with other kids!

Ben plays with his younger brother every day. They play games, they laugh, they scream, they cry…there’s quite a bit of interaction there. Will also sees the other kids on the street on a daily basis. He gets a lot of attention at the bus stop and also from Ben’s friends when they come over. I’m not worried, in the least, for Will regarding socialization. Ben, on the other hand, just had me and his dad to hang out with so finding a daycare so he could constantly be around other kids was important to me. We still keep in touch with the parents and children and it’s wonderful!

With all that being said, as Will grows, I would like him to take part in some organized fun with other kids his age. I think I’ll enroll him into a program that he can enjoy with me or our nanny (depending on when it is). What was your preference for your kids (if you needed childcare)? Daycare or nanny?