Mother’s Day is a day to be proud of your mother, show her what she means to you and say “Thanks Mom.” If you are a mother it’s a day to be thankful and reflect on the blessings you have.   Mother’s Day 2014 will be my 21st Mother’s Day. Not many 30 something moms can say that.

Ahh… I can see you trying to do the math.

Yes, I am in my late mid 30’s a mom to an adult child, a teen and am doing it all over again with a toddler!  Life can be hectic especially with busy adult children living at home.  I have been lucky to be blessed with such great kids.  They sure made it easy… I’m not saying they’re perfect, but they are pretty darn good, kind and smart kids.  I couldn’t be any more proud.

Truth is becoming a Mom has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Becoming a mom has humbled me and given my life such incredible substance.  The stigma of being a young mother can be a tough one to shake, especially in the 90’s, and I was determined not to be a statistic. We have been through some ups and downs, we’ve loved and we’ve lost, we’re living, learning and navigating life, together.  Raising each other along the way.

I love that my 21 year old college student and high school Sr. boy have no plans to leave home any time soon, at least until one has graduated from his Engineering course and worked for at least a year to save up.   Although he has completely taken over the basement (which he keeps meticulously clean, as well as covered in skater girl posters and broken skateboards…) I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love that my kids love to be home.  They’re doing what they are supposed to be doing (even if they do play video games into the early mornings) and are well on their way to achieving their dreams and goals. I can’t help but be proud of that. I must be doing something right.

Having adult children in my 30’s is a unique experience.  We could travel any time and not have to worry about a baby sitter.  The adult children were self-sufficient we were free to come and go as we pleased. They are responsible.

It was nice, don’t get me wrong, but I missed being a mommy.  It all went by so fast.

Long gone were the days of holiday excitement, cuddles and dependency. While it’s satisfying knowing you’ve raised your offspring, we were faced with the prospect of being empty nesters in our early 40’s. Most of our social circle would have kids starting elementary school; we could essentially be grandparents any time now!

When we found out we were expecting at this stage in life, it was exciting!  We shared our news with the adult children on holiday in Cuba and they were happy.  They’ve been a great source of support AND it’s shown them that, at this point in their lives, they do not want to be parents anytime soon – which is a good thing, because we don’t want to be grandparents (yet)!

Everyone thought we were crazy to go back to diapers and sleepless nights, but we were excited to do it all over again.  To be needed again.  To nurture again.  Not many people get the chance in life to raise two generations of children.   Being a mother to adult children, teens and now a toddler, has been the greatest experience of my life.   I’ve learned so much, made a few mistakes along the way. Been there, done that and doing it all over again, with no regrets!

This Mother’s Day, as I cuddle with my toddler, wipe his nose and happily cater to his every beck and call, I remember.  I remember what it’s like to be needed and I remember to cherish every moment one cuddle at a time.

Before you know it we will be permanent empty nesters, able to enjoy our freedom once again, but for now it’s back to potty training I go.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What does a Mother to an adult child, teens and a toddler want for Mother’s Day?  Perfume would be a great start or a loaded gift card and the day off to shop in sweet, silent (temporary) peace. J

Paula is a mom to an adult child, teens and a toddler. Addicted to social media, organic chocolate, coffee and product evaluations!