Leaving your comfort zone is a big part of parenting. This is what I’ve learned time and again since having kids.


From walking into a room with vomit on your shirt to introducing yourself to strangers because they have kids too, being a parent takes guts! Here are the moments that got me out of my comfort zone so far as a mom:


1.    Giving birth – For obvious reasons.


2.    Breastfeeding – Before kids I never imagined I’d become comfortable with my breasts. Now, a lot of people, from doctors and lactation consultants to friends and family, have seen them. And it’s no big deal! Feeding my baby is more important.


3.    Meeting other moms and dads – I’m a bit of an introvert. When I first became a mom, I found meeting other moms to be a bit intimidating. But, I’m so happy I didn’t retreat. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone has introduced me to some amazing people and now dear friends.


4.    Being more forward – There have been a few moments when I’ve had to approach issues head on. No matter how uncomfortable they have been! From talking to the teacher about an incident that occurred at school to inviting parents over for a play date so our boys can hang out to approaching kids and parents after witnessing bullying, I’d say I’ve become less passive!


5.    Being a kid again – It’s sad to say but playing like a kid wasn’t in my comfort zone in the early days of motherhood. My son would ask me to go down the slide, play pretend, or sing a song in public, and I was a bit shy at first. Now, I love running around at the park, singing songs with my son while out and about, and creating fun scenarios with Lego characters. I can’t believe I was ever reluctant to be a kid!


Please share. I’d love to know how you have left your comfort zone since becoming a mom.