It’s pure love when your baby says “Mama”. I could listen to that word out of my ten-month-old all day, any day!

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t yet associate the word with me, but he says it a lot around me. So maybe he does! He has a great time listening to us and repeating what we say. That’s how he started saying mama. Ben and I say it to him often, and he has caught on! Sorry, it’s not yet dada, Brendan!

Another new thing Will is doing is clapping. He watched me intently for a few days before trying it out. It’s so interesting to watch babies “get it”. At first, he looked at his hands and then looked at me. I could see the wheels in his brain moving. He then started to put his fists together before he finally opened his hands and clapped! Now he’s doing it all the time. It’s a lot of fun to put music on and encourage him to clap along

Will’s still not crawling, but I’m ok with that. He’s trying other things first. Maybe he’ll go straight to walking! Either way, I’m enjoying the phase we’re in and reminding myself that life is going to get even busier when he does become mobile!

What was your child’s first word?