How much do you give from the Tooth Fairy? Ben has a wiggly tooth and, very soon, we’ll be hiding a surprise under his pillow in exchange for it!

It’s funny how the loss of a tooth is an exciting time. It’s the only time my kids won’t cry if they see blood! Hopefully, this little (bottom center) tooth won’t bleed when it comes out, though. I hope Ben is just as excited when he loses it as he is at the anticipation of losing it. He’s been talking for ages about his friends who have had visits from the Tooth Fairy. He can’t wait for his turn, and I’m excited for him.

My only question is the cost. When I was a kid, my brothers and I would get a quarter, but now I hear of people receiving twenty dollars! A little excessive, I think. But I think us parents should keep it fairly consistent. Kids talk on the playground! If one kid gets twenty dollars and the other gets five dollars, don’t you think that looks suspicious?

This is a new phase for us, and an exciting one for Ben. He looks so proud as he walks around the house wiggling his baby tooth!  How old was your child when he or she lost their first tooth?

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