The game of copycat has begun. Today, Will was sitting on the carpet looking up at me when he started making his usual baby gaggles and coos. Suddenly, he sneezed and then giggled. I, thinking it was funny, turned his sneeze into a game. I sneezed too, and he giggled again. But, then, he copied me! From his little mouth came “ahh daaa!” He’s not quite ready to say “choo” yet. He even moved his head as if he was sneezing. It was quite amusing to watch.

Will’s first word was “hi”. That’s a word he’s heard us say many times to him. When we say “hi,” he says it back. He has such a fun time listening to us say something and then imitating us with his own version. It’s awesome to see him communicate like this. Soon we’ll be having back and forth conversations! But I’m sure the game of copycat won’t get old for many years to come. Ben still loves to play a game of copy mommy or daddy now and then. And we love it too.

Is your little one copying what you say and do? What was the first word or action he or she copied from you?