Interesting, Fun and Educational Apps Your Kids Will Love During Screen Time

During these strange and trying times (hello COVID-19!), children are likely on screens more than usual. The first thing we need to clarify is that we’ve all agreed to ditch the guilt about this, right? With the kids using their tablets, computers and gaming systems more, it’s good to know there are some educational apps and games that are both interesting and fun — apps that make your child’s time online a little more well-rounded. 

We know productivity is going to look different for everyone, and sometimes the new distance learning seems like a difficult battle, but check out some of these apps for the next time your kids are using a screen. Please note, some of these apps and games have a cost (one-time or monthly) or in-app purchases but free versions are available for most of them.


You likely are already familiar with Prodigy as it’s a popular math game our children’s teachers sometimes use. While your child may already have an account through their school, you can log them in at home on a tablet (via their app) or on their website or create a new free account. Prodigy is a fun, challenging game where kids get to create a character and go on a quest – while solving math problems. It’s for children in grades 1 through 8. The app is free, but if you want to upgrade to a premium account, the kids will receive some in-game perks. 


This digital library includes books from popular series like Big Nate or National Geographic and will offer kids the chance to browse their favourite style of book to read or try something new. The collection of e-books offers easy-to-access reading at your family’s finger tips. Parents can pay for a monthly subscription to gain access to the over 40,000 titles, but Epic! Is offering free access for students via teacher accounts. It may be worth reaching out to your child’s teacher (if available) to see if they have a class account already. 

Bonus tip: Your local library may have an app and access to borrow e-books as well!

Music Editing Apps: GarageBand / Music Maker JAM

These apps are perfect for music fans and beginners and while your kids won’t have actual instruments in their hands, GarageBand (for Apple/iOS devices or Music Maker JAM for Android devices) is a great way to experiment with sound. Kids can make their own music on their favourite instrument, record or remix a track and learn about music editing. The possibilities are endless. 

Movie Editing Apps: iMovie / Video Show

Future directors (or video editors) can get a leg up with iMovie (Apple / iOS devices) or Video Show (Android / PC). With iMovie, kids can create their own visual story and have a fun time taking photos and mini recordings to include in their epic mini movie. The app also has a ‘trailer’ feature where kids can use their video clips and words to create their own upcoming feature trailer.  


Scribblenauts has a variety of game options (from free and beyond) across many platforms and we love the word play this game offers our children. The game has been a favourite for many as kids join Maxwell to solve puzzles and go adventures. Parents will love how kids need to spell words to obtain items to help them achieve their goals throughout the game.

We understand that kids will be on their screens more, but some apps have an educational element to them, even if kids don’t realize it. That makes screen time a win-win. 

Do you have an educational app suggestion? A game that your kids absolutely love? Share it below in the comments!

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Rebecca Stanisic is a freelance writer and digital content creator. She’s been blogging on her website, A Little Bit of Momsense, since 2009 and for almost as many years has helped fellow bloggers and small business owners create and curate relevant digital content for their own businesses.  She’s the proud mom of two and is fuelled by fiction and coffee.