Encouraging Ben to read has been a challenge. He doesn’t have an interest in it and he gets frustrated quickly. I’m not overly concerned just yet, but I would like him to grasp some simple words like “cat”, “dog”, and “go” before he enters first grade.

While teaching him hasn’t been easy, there are some learn-to-read activities that are working for us:

Bedtime stories – We all value bedtime story time. Ben won’t go to sleep unless my husband and I each read him a story. Admittedly, there are many nights when he stares at the pictures only and goes to sleep. But, there are also nights when he shows an interest in the words on the page. Books that make it easy for him to get involved are the best for that. I like Pete the Cat, for example, because he knows to look out for the phrase “Oh no!” I also like Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, again, because of the repetitive words throughout.

Online reading activities – Ben’s teacher told us about a site called Starfall www.starfall.com. It offers a variety of fun games and reading activities for him to go through on his own. The activities teach things like what letters go at the end of what word and the sounds letters make.

ABC charts – My husband created a chart with the alphabet on it. We encourage Ben to write words under the pictures he draws with the help of the chart. It’s so simple yet so helpful.

What activities work for you when teaching your kids how to read?