My husband and I had an incredible child-free getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

This wasn’t the first time we’ve enjoyed a child-free getaway and it won’t be the last. Each time we go away, just the two of us, we learn something new about each other and ourselves. Here’s what I learned this time around:

Worrying is such a waste of energy – I worried myself all the way to Cabo and, unfortunately, all the way out of Cabo. I HATE flying and I didn’t like seeing my boys’ tiny crying faces on FaceTime either. Instead of dealing with anxiety I now wish I had settled down a bit and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, people, and nightlife a bit more!

I can’t party like I used to – What’s wrong with me? Oh right…I’m 36 and have two kids. Is that it? Ha! The group of people we were with happily skipped off to a resort-organized pub-crawl the second night and I convinced my husband to stay back so we could sip on margaritas, order room service, and go to bed early. I learned they all came back at 3 a.m. and felt so tired just thinking about it. Who stays up until 3 a.m.? Oh. Wait. I did pre-kids. Yawn.

My digestive system is out of whack…or maybe it’s just my body after two kids – Apparently I’m now the type of person who has to watch what she eats while on vacation. This definitely wasn’t me even three years ago.  My body has a harder time adjusting to new places, new foods, and new time zones, apparently.

I was more relaxed about leaving the kids this time – The last time we travelled, we only had Ben. And I worried about him and missed him the entire time. This time, I wasn’t so concerned. Ben’s older, Will’s in very good hands (his grandparents watched them both), and I knew this was time for Brendan and I to reconnect.

I totally deserved this – We both deserved to get away from it all. I will always recommend that all parents go on vacation without the kids every now and then. It’s SO important to have that time to yourselves and remember why you came together and began a family in the first place! It’s so easy to get caught up in daily life so getaways allow you to step back and appreciate all that you have.  

caroline-headshots_04Caroline is mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a wonderfully-supportive husband, and the owner of a successful social media management and content writing business called Flourish Marketing. She also blogs at Labour to Launch, a site meant to inspire others to be their best.