When I was pregnant, I loved my ever-changing body. Despite the occasional aches and pains, there was something almost magical about my new curves; I embraced them and enjoyed my growing belly. The one thing, however, that I never had was a drop-dead dress to make me feel elegant on those occasions that warranted a little glamour. (My Christmas outfit was a pair of corduroys and a nice sweater!)

That’s why when I saw this fabulous dress, an Evymama exclusive, I knew it would be the perfect addition to any nursing or expectant Mama’s wardrobe. The colour is divine, flattering to almost every skin tone, and the price is right – only $90! When something this glamourous, yet practical, falls into both the “fab” and “frugal” categories, it is a must-buy!

Avoid the holiday rush and scoop up this dress now. Wear it now and pair it with a wrap or cardigan come holiday time. It’s available in other colours, too, so check it out! At this price, they won’t last long.