It’s a Worm Day

Benjamin is outside as I type this, collecting caterpillars with his friend. I told him he can’t bring his new pets inside and was met with an “aww that’s not fair!” As he ran back out, I just had to smile. I was the kid who would bring earth worms into my classroom and place them on paper towels. They were my pets, and I watched over them as the teacher taught the class. I wonder, do teachers let kids do this now? Are worms allowed in your classroom (if you’re a teacher)?

It’s the age of the iPad and, while I’m anything but opposed to technology, I’m not exactly ecstatic when I see him sneaking in a game of MineCraft on a beautiful, sunny day. In fact, I feel sad when my son asks for the screen over the scooter. My rule is no iPad on warm, sunny days. Today, it’s beautiful, and Ben is tending to his new, green pet. I hear him and his friend outside now making it (I don’t yet know it’s name) a home. Soon, they’ll be coming back in to ask if they can play MineCraft but for now, I’ll relish in the sound of wonderment at the sight of a quiet, colourful bug.

Do your kids “collect” nature? What’s their favourite (or least favourite) bug?