Today started off like any other day, but definitely didn’t end that way. Like something out of a bad dream, the events were something parents might joke about, but hope to high heaven will never happen to them.

It was a day that probably invented the diaper bag checklist.

Let me explain…

Will had his first ever appointment at the dentist this morning. He hates when I brush his teeth so I could only imagine how he would react to someone else doing it. When we arrived, he was having such a fun time playing with the toys that I thought he might be alright once it came time to examine his teeth. I was wrong. 

The dentist had me lay him down on my lap so he wouldn’t freak out. Of course, he freaked out. He screamed and cried just as we had all expected. When she was done, she looked down and said, “Oh! He had an accident.” And when I looked down I saw “it”. The mess of all messes. The “oh my gosh this is actually happening” accident.

During the examination, William had a big, runny poop. One that exploded through the top of his diaper, pooled in my lap, ran right down my leg, right down my boot (both my jeans and my boots were new, ha!) and right down onto the floor. Poop was pooling on the floor! I sat there for a moment processing what to do next. And then I exclaimed, “I forgot my wipes!”

Thankfully, being a children’s dentist, they had wipes and more! I didn’t have to do much at first because the staff sprang into action! I mean, one person was standing Will up, taking off his soiled pants and wiping him down while another was getting a towel to wrap around him and another was wiping down the floor. I managed to stand up and put Will’s new diaper back on before I started cleaning up my lap, wiping down the boots.

Will went home, in the middle of January, with disposable shorts and a clean towel around him. I left with wet pants.

I must say, I’m thankful to the staff for all of their help. It could have been quite embarrassing. But, I also look at this situation as one that will go down in the books as an EPIC tale I’ll have to share with Will throughout the rest of his life!

Have you ever been caught in public with no wipes and a huge messy poop to take care of? Do share!

caroline-headshots_04Caroline is mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a wonderfully-supportive husband, and the owner of a successful social media management and content writing business called Flourish Marketing.