I Have Swimming Paranoia

This summer, Ben’s been swimming really well! A year ago he was too afraid to put his face in the water. And until two months ago, he wouldn’t jump in. Water has never been Ben’s favourite thing. But, lately, with the help of Saturday swimming lessons and friends and family with pools, he’s gotten a lot more confident. He did a doggy paddle in his aunt’s pool the other day and now thinks he’s Michael Phelps.

This new confidence in the water is what makes me paranoid, especially because he has swum without me a few times.

I signed Ben up for two weeks of full-day camp. It’s amazing, he’s having fun, but I also am worried. They swim three days out of the week and there are older kids that are likely allowed in the deep end. Ben must wear his life jacket and stay in the shallow end at all times but what if he doesn’t? What if, for one second, he takes it off because he’s “big now” and “can swim”? I know drowning is silent and can easily be missed. I know kids can get rambunctious and, even if there are lifeguards watching them, can make mistakes. I deal with anxiety on a daily basis and this is another thing that keeps me up at night. I’m happy for Ben, as he is having an incredible summer and making new friends. I’m happy for me because I get time to work and focus. But, of course, I worry to no end. Water and its dangers aren’t easy for me to deal with. Do your kids attend a camp that goes swimming? Do you have any advice that might help calm me down?

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