A Mom’s Holiday Survival Guide

It’s no secret that the holidays are the busiest time of year. You have the slew of Christmas concerts, school parties, regular parties, activities, ginger-bread house making contests, pictures with Santa, shopping, wrapping, baking, making sure you hit up all the light fesivals so you can Instagram them just like all the other moms, as well as decorating your own home and then preparing for a feast! 


If you didn’t get exhausted even just reading it, then, you are quite literally the definition of a “super-mom”.

In all honesty, us moms do love making the holidays special. However, that is a lot going on. Without downplaying the holidays, what if I was to tell you that there was a way to actually not be super exhausted or panic-stricken?

No, I have not already been sipping eggnog. I’m serious.

As moms we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get it all done, making sure the holidays are both enjoyable and memorable. But, sometimes we need that extra boost, push, and motivation to make it through and actually enjoy this holiday ourselves.

So, we have put together a list of must-follow holiday tips for not only surviving the holiday season, but thriving!

Tips For How To Not Lose Your Sanity This Season

Create A List of Tasks That Are Must-Do vs. Nice-To-Do

Here is part of the problem. We often create one giant, massive, exhausting list of things to tackle. I personally recall last year listing a different activity 3 times every week. My kids were then 4 and 2. I not only was not able to achieve everything, I felt I was not “doing enough.” So this year, do away with the over-planned list. Keep the absolute musts: whom to buy for, pictures with Santa, string lights, visit Nana. Then box the “nice to-dos” such as: going to every single Festival of Lights in each part of town, hosting a dinner for every group of friends, or ensuring you hand-make all your Christmas cards. Accomplish your musts, and you will actually feel a lot more accomplished vs. defeated. It really showcases that not everything may be realistic and to manage your expectations, so you are not feeling too overwhelmed nor rushed.

Opt For Some Relaxed Activities

Amongst the parties and excursions that come with the season, be sure to plan some more relaxing nights in with the family. Too often we forget that kids enjoy movie night marathons with junk food, decorating cookies, and games or a pajama party with their own parents just as much. One of our traditions-in-the-making is having a night home with cocoa and watching “Frosty The Snowman” – simple pleasures with zero stress and a lot of enjoyment.

Opt For Candid Pictures

Yes, we all are guilty of this. We put a lot of thought into outfits for the kids, (and often, for the whole family), so we need to take a picture. The problem isn’t so much that we want a family picture, it’s when trying to get kids to take the perfect picture. Someone is not smiling, looking, or is picking their nose…and this goes on until it’s not fun and you are left disappointed because the picture doesn’t represent your beautiful family. The truth is, as great as you envision a picture, so often the ones that turn out best are the genuine ones. While you may try a few posed shots, feel free to laugh and enjoy the moment. Take in the beautiful family that is yours and, when reviewing, you may find that the candid images are the ones you choose after all. Be okay with not having the “picture perfect” card, because the joy in candid pictures resonates much more.

Online Shopping!

While I’m sure many moms have this own down. Why brave the lines at the mall before OR after the holidays? Online shopping is easier than ever, especially with the ease of apps for popular stores and free shipping options. Aside from gifts and items, however, you can also grocery shop online (either have it delivered or opt to pick it up). You can even order food via the many food delivery services that now exist. It will save you so much energy and time, and the ability to stay in the comfort of your home on days you need to rest. (Yes, you can even get a turkey online…and wine!)

Say Yes to Play Dates

If your kids are old enough and you are comfortable, arrange for play dates. Often when it’s the off-from-school time it may be difficult to keep them engaged/entertained, or even have patience. It’s perfectly ok to have some quiet time, besides the kids probably would love to see their friends. If a playdate option comes along, say yes. Of course, this does mean you may have to return the favour. A tip: when hosting a playdate, have a planned activity such as matinee movie, or lego building hour.  

Shop For Yourself, Too

Retail therapy never fails. While doing your shopping and gathering for everyone else, don’t forget yourself. Include a little something that will make you smile… be it a pair of earrings, a new outfit, or a haircut. Be sure to save a little energy to spoil yourself and create a little inner joy. You deserve it.

Use Essential Oils

This last tip is utterly helpful. In fact, I would suggest to get online and order a diffuser and a relaxing oil now. You are already online!

Essential oils are pure oils that are natural and provide a wealth of health benefits. There are different oils for different purposes, however, oils are very useful for things such as de-stressing, relaxation, sleep, immunity, and even some that will give you energy. If you are feeling stressed or run-down you may want to try some oils such as lavender, bergamot, amongst special blends that target mood. Sage, DoTerra, and many reputable brands have experts that can give you recommendations.

So make sure you enjoy the holidays this year, don’t stress, and try to live in the moment.

Wishing you all truly happy holidays!

Mother of toddlers, foodie at heart, city-loving, blogger, writer, marketing specialist, and overall busy-bee, that is Christina Chandra in a nutshell. Christina lives in Vancouver where she is a freelance writer & marketing specialist, and also blogs at ChristinaChandra.com. In her spare time, you can find her exploring local eateries, cafes and local hot spots.