When I was a kid, one of my favourite treats was sliced strips of buttered toast dipped in hot chocolate. Sounds gross, right? It was actually quite tasty! That was my favourite treat after coming inside from an afternoon of tobogganing. There’s no tastier way to warm up than drinking a delicious hot chocolate! Are you planning a winter birthday party or a holiday party for kids? A fun idea is to set out a Hot Chocolate Bar filled with yummy mix-ins for hot chocolate – buttered toast strips optional. {wink}


You’ll want several jars or dishes to hold all the mix-ins. If your guests are young, plastic bowls may be the safest option. For this party, I used glass jars from the local dollar store. You’ll also want mini tongs or spoons for each jar so guests can scoop without using their hands. You could use cute labels to write what’s inside each jar but you can skip this step if your guests are too young to read.


You’ll want the hot chocolate to be warm for each guest so you can offer hot water or milk with envelopes of hot chocolate mix so guests can make their drinks whenever they’re ready. Paper travel cups with lids work well to minimize the spills or broken glasses. Set out some spoons to stir the hot chocolate plus paper straws for guests that want to drink theirs with a straw. Don’t forget the napkins!

Some tasty ideas for mix-ins include:

    • mini marshmallows
    • chocolate wafers
    • chocolate straws
    • chocolate dipped spoons
    • chocolate dipped pretzels
    • chocolate shavings
    • chocolate chips
    • candy canes
    • caramel syrup
    • chocolate syrup
    • whipped cream
    • sprinkles
    • crushed cookies

You could also have a few items on the side for dipping like mini donuts or freshly baked cookies.


A super easy table backdrop idea is poster boards (dollar store) covered in wrapping paper. I use this idea for almost every party I style! It’s an easy way to add a pattern behind your table without having to tape anything to the wall.

I hope your holiday season is filled with plenty of cookies & hot cocoa!

cheryl-kirkness-profile-blogCheryl is a Canadian mother of one who loves planning parties for all of life’s celebrations! On her Moms & Munchkins blog, you’ll find fun ideas to enjoy with your kids such as family game night ideas, free printable games, party ideas and so much more!