He said his first word!

Ok, it might be more like a second word (or, if my husband wants to chime in, the third word). Will has been saying mama and dada when we prompt him but it sounds more like “mamamamama” and “dadadadada”. And this tells me he’s making more sounds than words. Believe me, I wish he were calling me by name!

But I think he is saying “hi”! And that word is going in the record book as his very first! I’m not surprised it is. We say hi to him all the time. It started yesterday morning. We were walking Ben to the bus stop when our neighbour’s daughter started walking with us and said hi to Will.  Unexpectedly, in a small cute-as-can-be voice, he said hi back. And the entire day he didn’t stop saying hi! When my husband came home I asked him to say hi to Will. He did, and sure enough, we got the word in return.

Now we’re on to teaching him other words like “moo”. He’s trying to imitate us but hasn’t yet conquered this one. I think I’ll go back to teaching him how to say, mama. Or mommy. I’d love that.

What was your child’s first word?