Happy Sixth Birthday

Dear Ben,

Six years ago, I gave birth to you, my first child. You came into this world right on time – forty-five-minutes into your due date, to be exact.  You knew your mommy was an anxious person and didn’t want to make her wait any longer than she needed to! Thanks for that. Since that day, you have taught me many things. In particular, you’ve taught me:

To be patient. Since your birth, you’ve proven to me that, while you came into this world on a date I expected you to come, you now have a timeline of your own! Everything you’ve done since your birth has been on your terms. You’re a strong-willed individual, and I’m proud of you for that quality. You wait until you’re ready to try new things and do them well – when you’re ready. From potty training to riding a bike, to writing, and reading, I know you approach every new thing with caution until you’re certain it’s “time.”  I’m now learning how to be patient with your brother and his timelines.

To see “everyday things” in a new light. Bugs are nature and deserve to be here as much as we do. That’s what you tell me whenever I go to kill an ant. Brooms are swords. Shadows are Ninjagos. And cardboard boxes make the perfect “secret bases”. I love your imagination.

When I think you’re not listening, you are. You’ll belt out lyrics from songs we’ve heard on the radio only a couple of times. You’ll remind me that I “promised” we’d go to Toys R’ Us last week and never did. You remind me of the time I sent you to Nana and Papas a year ago, and you didn’t want to go. Your memory and hearing are apparently impeccable, so I’ll be more careful going forward.

Six will be a fantastic year for you. I can just feel it. Every year older you get, you become more mature, more intelligent, more kind and generous, and more curious.  I can’t wait to see what’s on the learning and adventure agenda over the next year. I love you, my sweet Benjamin, and I’m forever grateful for having you in my and your daddy’s life. Happy sixth birthday

caroline-headshots_04Caroline is mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a wonderfully-supportive husband, and the owner of a successful social media management and content writing business called Flourish Marketing. She also blogs at Labour to Launch, a site meant to inspire the entrepreneur in all of us.