Happy birthday, William! The year danced by in a flash but many moments will forever stand still.

Will came almost three weeks early on Family Day. How fitting! I was thrilled about his timing, to be honest. But I wasn’t prepared for jaundice and a prolonged stay in the hospital as a result. I also wasn’t ready to worry about his drop in weight and painful, cracked nipples as I fed him every hour 24/7 in those first few days to get it back up. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the leak at our house due to an ice dam and an unexpected stay with family with our one-week-old.

The first couple of weeks after Will was born weren’t easy. But I somehow managed to keep it together and things fell into place. As I’m learning, they often do. For the most part, this past year has been filled with joy, love, and growth. Ben has been adjusting to being a big brother. He has moments of jealousy as I think many siblings do, but he has shown how much he loves his little brother in many ways. He’ll kiss Will on the head when he doesn’t think I’m looking. He’ll surprise me and share his toys (but not his Lego because he knows those aren’t good for the baby). Brendan and I have adjusted to being parents of two. We have had challenging moments. Dividing the responsibility took a bit of time. I could no longer pick Brendan up from the train every day as I used to because of Will’s dinner and bedtime schedule and getting Ben ready in the mornings takes more teamwork now because Will also needs attention. But, we’ve grown together and are now in a groove that works for us and makes us feel confident again as parents and as a couple.

One-year-old and yet it feels as though Will has been with us for a lifetime. He’s beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and easy. He’s our baby forever but won’t be a baby for long. Soon I’ll be chasing him as he runs and will be answering to “mommy”. Until then, though, I’m soaking up the baby kisses and the baby coos for as long as I can.  Happy first birthday, Will. We love you more than you’ll ever know.