It was Family Day weekend and my husband, and I got away together – just the two of us. Spending time away from the family never leaves us feeling guilty; just the opposite.

Valentine’s Day fell on the same weekend as Family Day this year here in Ontario. The “day of love” happens to be my husband’s birthday and so we planned a getaway to celebrate. Birthday or no birthday, especially now that we’re parents, we try and getaway this time of year just the two of us. I love that Brendan’s birthday falls on Valentine’s Day because it gives us a reminder to be romantic. Sure, it’s a  “Hallmark holiday” BUT, as parents, it’s a day out of the year that we can mark on our calendar and remind ourselves to show appreciation, be romantic, get cozy, go on an adventure – whatever you want to do – as a couple. We spend a lot of time as a family, and we’re creating some fantastic memories, but I think it’s easy to forget, and take for granted, who made that family in the first place. This year, we went away for a night to ski and enjoyed some time at a spa. We left feeling more connected. The distractions of day-to-day family life can leave us feeling drained and lacking in the romance department. A little escape is all we needed to recharge and come back excited to see our boys and get back to “reality” as a couple in love who happen to have kids.

Where was your last romantic getaway?