Halloween Party Games For Kids

Games at a Halloween party are a must! A few creative games are a great way to burn off some of that sugar-fueled energy. For a children’s Halloween party, you’ll want Halloween-themed games without the spookiness. The last thing you’d want to do is scare one of your younger guests. You can save those spooky pranks for scaring your spouse. {wink}

Here are some fun Halloween games that all ages will enjoy:

  • Paint some plastic bottles white and use a black permanent marker to draw ghost faces on them. You can then use a mini pumpkin as a bowling ball for some fun ghost bowling!
  • With a few plain white t-shirts and some non-toxic glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, guests can create their own glowing t-shirts that double as a party favor to take home. You could even get out a black light and host a glow-in-the-dark fashion show or dance party.
  • We’ve all played Pin The Tail On The Donkey but how about Pin The Face On The Pumpkin? With a large orange poster board, cut out a pumpkin shape and then cut out small face pieces in black paper to look like a carved pumpkin. Guest can take turns being blindfolded and “carving” their pumpkin by sticking on the pieces for the face.
  • With some non-toxic paint, each guest can paint their own mini pumpkin to take home. No sharp knives required in this activity, just paintbrushes and lots of rags for cleaning up!
  • Using some white rags, sheets and towels, create some “ghosts” to hide around the house and have the guests try to find them in a fun Ghost Hunt. Some silly hiding places include: behind the shower curtain, behind a door, in the closet, a mini ghost in the freezer, from a tall light fixture, etc.

On Moms & Munchkins you’ll find an entire page dedicated to Halloween fun including free printable games like Halloween charades, party ideas, delicious & slightly spooky treats and more! I hope you have a fabulous Halloween filled with lots of candy but zero cavities.

cheryl-kirkness-profile-blogCheryl is a Canadian mother of one who loves planning parties for all of life’s celebrations! On her Moms & Munchkins blog, you’ll find fun ideas to enjoy with your kids such as family game night ideas, free printable games, party ideas and so much more!

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