Halloween is almost here, but we don’t have to let the decision of what to hand out on that spooky night scare us.  While Halloween is typically a crazy free-for-all (in the best possible way!), it’s always smart to consider different needs when it comes to allergies, our kids’ sugar consumption, or those dental appliances that shouldn’t be biting down on the hard candies.

Maybe it’s time we think outside of the box when it comes to Halloween. The Teal Pumpkin Project, for example, promotes safety and inclusion for people with food allergies, for whom candy is not an option at Halloween. If you’ll be handing out non-candy treats this year, consider putting out a teal-coloured pumpkin, or print off and display a Teal Pumpkin project poster, to show your support!

No matter your reason for wanting to hand out a non-candy treat this Halloween, take comfort in knowing there are alternatives for you that are still fun and will be loved by the kids. These non-candy and chocolate treats will have parents sighing with relief and the kids will be thrilled too; no tricks necessary.

Non-Candy Treats for Halloween


Stickers are inexpensive, and easy to package up as part of a bigger goodie bag or just as their own favour.  Stickers are great for kids of all ages and you can either get Halloween themed ones, just hand out stickers for popular shows and movies kids are loving like Star Wars, Disney and Paw Patrol.

School Snacks

We didn’t say the list would be completely void of tasty goodies, but in an effort to reduce the junky candy treats, giving out snacks that can be repurposed in a school lunch box isn’t a bad idea – parents will like having them, and the kids will definitely eat them.

Your local grocery store will likely carry special Halloween boxes of MadeGood bars and Goldfish crackers that kids will gobble up! We love that individual packs can be popped into your purse for on-the-go or in the school lunch box. MadeGood offers mini granola bars that are allergen-free, making it the perfect post-Halloween school snack. (Psst… you can also feel good knowing MadeGood makes their products for our market right here in Canada!)

Mini Games

At party supply stores you can find mini-games like mazes or mini decks of cards that are themed to Halloween or to a party theme that you think kids will love. These little games can be played while the kids get ready for bed or tucked into the car for trips.

Beanie Boos

If you have fewer kids who come to your door and you want to invest a little more for each goodie bag, the hugely popular Beanie Boos that clip onto bookbags will make your house the talk of the town. There are Halloween themed stuffies you can get, or just offer a selection of cute-eyed animals to drop in the bags.

Community Gift Certificates

For many communities, there are often skating, swimming and recreational coupons and gift certificates that you can purchase as a booklet to offer individual tickets for kids in their bags. You’ll need to check with your local community or municipality office to see if such a program exists, but these can be wonderful options and give kids the opportunity to try a free public swim or skate in their neighbourhood.

Hockey Cards

It’s hockey season and many kids will be talking about their favourite teams and players, so why not grab some hockey cards to drop into their Halloween bags? Tim Horton’s currently has special sets for $1 each (with the purchase of a drink)!


On one hand, you can argue that the kids end up with extra pencils at seemingly every holiday but, on the other hand, when you are desperately hunting for a pencil with an eraser on it to do last minute homework, can you really say you have too many pencils? Fun pencils are available in large packages (perfect for Halloween!) at party stores, dollar stores or Michaels craft stores.

No matter what you decide to hand out at your door this Halloween, remember it’s all in the spirit of fun and the kids in the neighbourhood will enjoy the extra thought given, while moms and dads will be happy to have less candy to deal with.

Rebecca Stanisic is a freelance writer and digital content creator. She’s been blogging on her website, A Little Bit of Momsense, since 2009 and for almost as many years has helped fellow bloggers and small business owners create and curate relevant digital content for their own businesses.  She’s the proud mom of two and is fueled by fiction and coffee.