Ben’s wiggly tooth is now out!

I know, because of the gaping hole on the front bottom gum! But, unfortunately, I don’t have the tooth to prove it.

It was a school day, and Ben was eating his breakfast as I nagged him to hurry up and get his shoes on. He was running late, and I was worried we’d miss the bus.  As I got Will’s shoes on for our walk, Ben said something about a seed in his peanut butter. Here’s how our conversation happened:

Ben: “Hang on, I bit into a seed! Let me throw it out.”

Me: “It’s just a peanut. Sometimes we find them in peanut butter. C’mon, let’s go!”

Ben: “Wait. Mommy, can you look at my mouth? Did I lose my tooth?!”

Me: “You’d know if you lost it. It’s still there…wait! You lost your tooth! Where is it?”

Ben: “Oh no! I think the seed WAS my tooth, and I just threw it away!”

At this point, we had to run for the bus. There was no time to look for it. I checked the garbage when I returned but couldn’t find the missing tooth. When Ben returned home from school, he was disappointed to learn that his tooth was gone. Of course, as any six-year-old who has just lost his first tooth would wonder, Ben asked if the Tooth Fairy would still come.

Of course, the Tooth Fairy would still come!  

We would have to write her a letter and slip it under his pillow instead. I assured him, many times over, that this would work just as well. And so we did just that. Sure enough, just like magic (cough, cough), Ben came to my bedside the next morning and excitedly told me the Tooth Fairy had come! It was the crack of dawn when he came in, but I relished in his excitement and said he was so lucky to have received five dollars! Ben asked later how I knew it was five dollars. It was still dark in our room. Oh oh, I think he’s on to me!

Have you had to get creative with the Tooth Fairy?     

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