Ben’s best buddy moved away.

Ok, that’s dramatic. He didn’t move away, away. He moved from our street to another neighbourhood. We have to drive to see him now. Where, before, it was so convenient. He lived three doors down and whenever the boys wanted to get together, us moms would just text each other and watch from the front door. Also, many days after school, we had impromptu play dates.

Now, the house is quiet. Ben’s friend is no longer banging on the door unexpectedly looking for his friend. We no longer meet up at the bus stop. And there isn’t that family that could take Ben, if needed, after school or to the bus (and vice versa!).

When we found out, I don’t think it fully hit Ben. This past weekend, though, he turned to me and asked if Owen was home and if he could go play. I reminded him he had moved and he looked up at me and said “Oh yeah. Mommy, I’m sad he moved.”

We’re visiting them after school this week. I’ll stay and have coffee while the boys play, but this reminds me that nothing is ever set in stone. Although I dreamt of my kids making friends on their own street (and it came to be), the truth is that life happens. People move away. Things change sometimes.

This past week has been really quiet at my house. No rambunctious boys playing in the basement after school or pleads to play on our walk home from bus. Ben has another friend on the street but they don’t go to the same school, and he too may move in the summer. I get emotional for my kids, so learning about these life shifts makes me sad for Ben! I know he’ll be fine, though. And who knows who else will move onto our street? Who knows how long WE’LL be on our street! (I do want to move to a bigger space.)

How do you handle it when your kids’ friends move away?

caroline-headshots_04Caroline is mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a wonderfully-supportive husband, and the owner of a successful social media management and content writing business called Flourish Marketing.