Kids Involved Christmas

Getting the Christmas lights up, shopping for presents, entertaining friends and family and decorating the tree can be all so overwhelming during the holidays. In the “hurry up” and get it done, we often forget to involve the kids in all the planning. Seeing the holidays through my children’s eyes is one of my very favourite parts of the holiday season. I haven’t met a child who doesn’t love to help get ready for Christmas. One way that we get our kids involved in all the holiday planning is the decorating of the tree. From checking to see if the lights work, to topping the tree with the angel, kids love to feel part of decorating a Christmas tree. Here are a few tips:

Make it an Event:

Whether it’s a weekend or week night, plan the day with your kids. If you get a real tree, start out the morning by trekking out to cut it down or heading to your favourite tree lot. Once the tree is up in it’s stand, make a delicious pot of hot chocolate, turn up the Christmas tunes and rock around that Christmas tree while you decorate.


Just like kids have their favourite ornaments they like to put up, it’s understandable that you do too (they’re likely very breakable). Before all the ornaments go up, separate the breakable ones from the kid-friendly. That way, your breakable beauties can be placed high up in the tree away from tempting fingers.

Encourage your kids to make ornaments. Remember when your child comes home and they are so excited for you to hang up their new painting on the fridge? It’s the same feeling they have when they can see their homemade ornament on the Christmas tree. Pure joy and accomplishment!

Two trees:

We started having two trees when our first son was about two. Honestly,! We have the kids’ tree that not only has all their homemade ornaments that I love, as well as, many of the homemade ornaments that my hubby and I made when we were kids! The lights on that tree are fun and colourful (sometimes they even flash…gasp!) and we have it in our breakfast room where we have most of our meals together. I then, get to have my “beauty –matchy-matchy” tree in the living room. The kids think its super cool they have their very own tree and mama is happy to have one too. It’s a win-win!

Be patient:

Ornaments will get broken. To avoid any cuts, try to purchase plastic ornaments if the kids are handling them. The plastic ones can be really gorgeous and safe for your minis. Also, the kids will likely hang all their ornaments front and centre. Let them. They love them and it makes them feel proud. Again, another reason for the kid tree 😉

Here are some of my minis decorating their Nana and Poppa’s tree this year. Nana and Poppa made it an event, they wore their Santa hats with pride and felt so proud when it was all done. Kids need to be involved in your Christmas planning. Remember to see the joy through their eyes. I promise you, your heart will smile.

Alicia is a mom of three babes, interior decorator, lover of red wine and believes that all spaces should be beautiful.  You can find her at