There’s often a dividing of the sexes for kids’ birthday celebrations but sometimes kids want to invite boys and girls to their parties. Not to worry! There are lots of gender neutral birthday party ideas that will appeal to everyone for a fun celebration. You can definitely find birthday cake, decorations, and party supplies in more colors than pink or blue! {Don’t forget to also check out these great first birthday party ideas for more inspiration!}

Fantastic Gender Neutral Birthday Party Ideas


Have you ever been to a party where people just didn’t engage with one another? No fun! Especially with kids, you want to plan themed activities that will get everyone involved. Here are some of my favourite party themes that keep boys and girls happily busy:

  • Book Themes: Is there a story that is especially meaningful to your child? Generally books include males and females that work well for a mixed party. Even a story like The Little Prince, whose main character is male, can include a feminine element by playing up the rose. Choose games that play up the chosen book’s theme.
  • Bowling: With gutter guards, even younger guests can enjoy going to the bowling alley.
  • Carnival/Circus: This theme is traditionally very colorful and lends itself to a wide variety of games. Animal inclusions are optional!
  • Down on the Farm: Boys and girls enjoy a farm theme, whether it is at a real farm or one you create in your own back yard with animal cut-outs. Old fashioned sack races, Feed the Pig (bean bag toss) or Fly the Coop (target toss with rubber chickens) are just a few activities.
  • Ice Cream Bar: Everyone likes to build their own ice cream sundae.
  • Little Chef: Pop an apron and a chef’s cap on every guest and let ‘em get cookin’! Build your own personal pizza is one popular dish. You could include a lesson on nutrition.
  • Mad Scientist: There are so many easy experiments that fascinate boys and girls. Lab coats, goggles and scientific paraphernalia delight!
  • Medieval: Kings and queens or lords and ladies will enjoy dressing up for this theme. Blindman’s bluff, bocce, card games and axe (nerf/cardboard) target throwing are just some of the possibilities.
  • Milk and Cookies Bar: Your greatest challenge here might be limiting the menu! Let guests frost and decorate sugar cookies.
  • Movie: Host a movie night in the family room or in the backyard. A well-stocked concession stand will be greatly appreciated. Option: guests dress as the movie characters.
  • Pool Party: Or make it a “sprinkler party” if you don’t have a pool! Beach-y decorations, water balloons and a few treats to eat will make kids happy.
  • Woodland theme: Whether you opt for Robin Hood and Maid Marian or Red Riding Hood and the woodcutter, everyone can have fun with archery contests or hide and seek type games.

Face painting, photo booths and arts and crafts stations are popular with both sexes and can be tailored to fit almost any theme. Giving kids something to do will help them relax and encourage fun conversation—sure elements for a successful gender neutral party!

What would your kids love to do at a birthday party?

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