Preparing the garden in the spring isn’t for everyone. However, just because you’re not preparing plants for the backyard garden, doesn’t mean that you have to miss the fun of spring planting. It’s a great way to teach preschoolers about the growing process. Looking for a way to bring in the garden, without bringing in the mess? I’ve come up with a few ideas to get that imagination growing, indoors.

Spring Sensory Box
With a few simple ingredients, you can create a sensory garden experience indoors, before the weather is nice enough to plant outside. A small container, a bag of black beans and a flower pot with flower is a simple way to bring spring inside, without the mess.

Tip: Store the black beans for future use in freezer bags to preserve them. Don’t eat them in the future, but they’re easily re-used for sensory play.

Preschool Garden Kits
One of our favourite kits to garden is almost mess-free. The Green Toys Gardening Kit comes with a simple easy to use soil kit that rehydrates when you add water. Pop it into the pot and add the seeds for a gardening experience that is simple, muss-free and can be done inside with a little help from you. The pots and spade can be easily re-used next season.

It’s in the Bag
You’ve heard of container gardening, but what about bag gardening? Plants that don’t require a lot of space to root, like lettuce and sprouts, can be easily planted in a bag of soil. To start, cut a square shaped hole in the top of the bag. Next, loosen the soil to prepare for seeds. Plant the seeds and water lightly after placing in the sun. After a few days, you’ll notice growth that can be easily transferred into the garden when you’re ready, or stay in the bag all season long.

Tip: Remember to poke holes in the bottom of the bag of soil and place the bag of soil inside a container on top of rocks for easy drainage.

Sprouting… In Water
Avoid the dirt completely and sprout your own garden in water. With a jar full of water and a handful of green onion stalks left over from dinner prep you can grow additional stalks of green onions, in as little as a day or two. After three or four days there are fresh stalks growing from the cut off shoots, and you can change the water to keep the regrowth fresh.

Quinoa, lentils and other legumes and grains can be sprouted with a bit of water and sunlight. To sprout the beans or seeds, simply rinse them off, then place in a jar covered with water. After about twenty-four hours, remove them from the water, rinse and replace in the jar without water, out of the sunlight. You`ll see sprouts in as little as eighteen hours after you`ve removed the water.


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