Raising children with a love for reading means getting them excited about books – even before they’re able to pronounce the words. It means finding books that are going to ignite their passion, catch their attention and embrace youthful imagination.

Finding books that are going to engage, delight and have them begging ‘read it just one more time’ one of the ways that we foster the love of books. In celebration of Family Literacy Day, here are some of our favorite books to read aloud at-home.



Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems

Interactive all the way through, the first page of the book starts to speak directly to the child. It engages them with the task of keeping the pigeon from driving the bus, and quickly changes from the driver, to the pigeon. If you fell in love with the Pigeon, you might enjoy the fact that he makes an appearance in the author’s Gerald and Piggie series inside cover.


book with no picsThe Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak

At first glance, you might wonder whether the book is going to entertain little ones. You’ll quickly realise that there’s a twist in this pictureless book. The reader of the book has to follow the printed directions that they’re saying out loud, making small children (and maybe even you) erupt in giggles from the first time you read it through with its silly antics.


PBPMortimer by Robert Munsch

Do you remember the ‘Clang Clang Rattle Bing Bang’ song from your childhood? Without having even read Mortimer recently, you will. If you did happen to forget it, it will all come rushing back the first time you sing the iconic bedtime song.


book with a holeThe Book with a Hole by Herve Tullet

Reading time wouldn’t be reading time without an interactive book or two, right? One of our favorite imaginative books features a giant hole in the middle. From a plate to a mouth where fingers are meant to be teeth, there’s always something exciting that’s going to happen. Look forward imaginative prompts that encourage you to play boisterous pretend.


me hungryMe Hungry by Jeremy Tankard

This was one of the first books that our toddler had memorized. The delightful imagery and main character are two of the reasons that we fell in love with the book – and the fact that it’s available in a toddler friendly board book version sealed the deal. You’ll be shouting out ‘Edwin! Dinner!” in your best cave man voice.


Reading at-home can be kept exciting with frequent trips to the library. One of our favourite ways to encourage discovering new books and favourite new authors is browsing through book stores. Reading is encouraged there, and it’s the perfect place to discover a new favourite story.

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