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The slogan “Latin Beats for Tiny Feet” is too cute. And this is one of the hottest trends right now for working off the baby weight. It’s the perfect class for women who have always wanted to learn to dance but couldn’t convince their partner to take lessons. Munchkins don’t have much choice in the matter, considering they are strapped to their moms in a sling or a snuggly as they learn basic steps to popular Latin dances. But babies seem to love bouncing along (and waving maraca rattles) while their sweaty mothers boogie. “I sort of adapted my own style of dance for dancing with snugglies,” says instructor Jennifer Torres, who created the concept of Salsa Babies three and half years ago with her daughter. “As salsa is usually done in nightclubs and in heels.” Dancing with a baby is a great workout and tots often fall asleep to the music. The class is for amigos two months and up — though once they get a little older and wriggly, not to mention heavy, it might be time to hit strollersize. The Salsa Babies brand is doing so well that Torres not only runs classes in various locations across the city, but is expanding to New York.