The long weekend, for my family, was an event. From walks and BBQs to the park, play dates, and eating out, we did it all. We even hosted a party for 20 people in our backyard on Saturday night complete with dinner, drinks, campfire, marshmallows, sparklers, fireworks, and more. The kids stayed up far too late and the adults did, too. The kids ate too much and, well, the adults did too. It was a fantastic time, and I’d do it all over again. In fact, we tend to coordinate a party like this every long weekend. My husband and I love to host!

What boggles my mind about family and friend parties are the babies! How, if they sleep, they can sleep through anything. Including Will, we had four babies (one three months and the other three over one year) sleeping when the fireworks display was about to happen. I checked and double checked with the other moms to make sure they were alright with the impending boom and cackle that was about to take place. They said they were completely fine with it, and the worst that could happen was they’d wake up (I love easy-going!). I, on the other hand, had my fingers crossed that Will would sleep through it. His bedroom window overlooks the backyard and while he slept through it last year, this year might have been different. Thank goodness, all four slept right through the noise. I’m amazed.

My older child is another story. Because Ben was up and watching the fireworks on Saturday night, he wasn’t fazed by the noise. But, last night, he came bolting into my room terrified because the “loud noises” woke him up. Will slept through.

Ben was the same as Will at his age. Once he was asleep, he was asleep, but now he’s aware of his surroundings and scared of any noise made in the night. Do you find that with your kids?