300 Prince Albert Rd. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 4J2

Phone: 306.778.2223
Website: www.gofiddleheads.com
Email: hello@gofiddleheads.com

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt, almost instantly, like you could be best friends? Well, that’s the feeling I got when I read all about this month’s featured boutique on their website. And, looking at the kudos they receive from their customers, I think that assumption is on the mark!

Fiddleheads Kids Shop in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is the kind of place where you’re “confident you’ll hit a home-run” (as one fan espoused) because shopping there is like shopping with your best friend – you get smart advice, fantastic products and great prices all in one spot.

Co-owners Nancy Rector and Lisa Donaldson decided to open up Fiddleheads in 2010, when they realized there was a huge gap in the market for affordable, sustainable, modern and unique products for kids and their parents in and around the Dartmouth area.

And, today, Fiddleheads is there to fill all of these needs. Lisa, Nancy and their staff not only bring everything parents need together in one spot, they’re all about finding balance – like baby products that are the best balance between high quality and innovative, yet affordable; like “eco-conscious middle-class” options so you can make a difference but your purchases still work with your lifestyle; like expert advice and real customer-service, but at ‘big box’ store prices. Imagine your ideal baby store … and that’s Fiddleheads.

The store is welcoming from the first moment you walk in, with merchandise showcased in segments – Play, Travel,Sleep, Bath, and so on – helping (often sleep-deprived) customers find items quickly and easily. There’s a sitting area for parents as well as a play area to keep little ones occupied. Displays are bright, cheerful and well stocked, showcasing the best items in each category so that parents can find great products without being overwhelmed with options.

Many of the brands they carry are well known (SkipHop, Melissa & Doug, Hape), yet others are charmingly obscure or hard-to-find on the east coast – welcome options for those looking for the perfect gift for a new Mom or baby. One such brand is Djeco, whose toys and décor products (in the words of Nancy from Fiddleheads), “manage to somehow be both classic and modern at the same time. They’re whimsical, interesting, unique and often last through multiple developmental stages” – like their Topanimo toy, a set of cardboard stacking blocks and rubber animals that help teach fine motor skills, colours, numbers and more. For Mom and baby, they carry Chewbeads – a very popular line of non-toxic silicone teething jewelry that is so stylish many people don’t realize it’s for teething!

Wander around Fiddleheads Kids and you’ll find a good selection of cloth diapers and diapering supplies… and pretty much anything you would need in your child’s first few years. You name it, and they probably carry it. From the safest car seats and strollers (they’re fanatics…but in a good way!), to a noteworthy selection of fabulous toys, feeding and bath products, and clothing and nursery décor, they offer a stellar selection for any parent or gift-giver. And, they’ve fully researched all of the items they carry, so if you have questions, they are ready, willing and able to help.

But, their helpfulness extends to more than just product knowledge – they host workshops on topics such as car seat safety and infant massage, and have helped take the confusion out of big-ticket purchases and gift-giving by creatingbuying guides and top-ten lists. They also help their customers save money and be a bit kinder to the environment by hosting a clothing exchange section in the store. Gently used or never worn clothing is sold for around 30% of its original price – a great value – and parents are welcome to bring in clothing they want to get rid of, in exchange for store credit. Everyone wins! This is just one example of how their business ethos manifests itself. Their “commitment to goodness” (which I LOVE) is a wonderful example of how to conduct business in an honest, upstanding manner – something that is too often left by the wayside in today’s world.

It’s evident that Fiddleheads was borne out of a passion for people and great products. If you are in Nova Scotia and have never shopped at Fiddleheads Kids, you really should go!! And if you live elsewhere in the country, don’t let the distance hold you back – shop online and stop by their social media pages to say “hi”.

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