This past weekend sure tested my emotional health.  William got sick and started have febrile seizures. You can imagine how terrifying and heartbreaking that was to see as a parent.

On Saturday, we were preparing to drive an hour to my brother’s to help him celebrate his birthday. But then Will started acting ill, and he had a fever of 38 Celsius. Thank goodness we decided to cancel because, by early afternoon, his temperature rose. I put him down for a nap but soon after we heard a scream that no parent should ever hear coming from the nursery. I bolted up the stairs to find my baby sitting up and crying. Not realizing what was going on I took him downstairs and held him on the couch. Shortly after he shook and his eyes rolled up and almost back to his head. Writing this moment is making me emotional. It wasn’t something I’d want any mom or dad to see. It was very brief, but my mommy instincts kicked in and I flew out the front door in a panic. Thankfully, my husband’s parents were over for a visit, so they took Ben while we drove to the emergency room. Will had two more seizures on the way to the hospital, and my heart broke each time. It was the longest 10-minute drive of my life. While we were brought to the front of the line and nurses conducted blood tests we still had to wait a gruelling six hours before we saw a paediatrician.  He told us that what Will had experienced, multiple short fits weren’t typical of febrile seizures.  They wanted to monitor him overnight to make sure he was ok. So the two of us stayed in the paediatric ward. I stayed awake the entire night watching nurses take his temperature and keeping a close eye on him to make sure he was sleeping soundly. By morning, he seemed to have bounced back.

It’s been just two days since this happened and I’m still shaken. All tests came back normal thankfully, but Will is going for an EEG this week to rule anything else out. A virus and his sensitivity to the fever likely caused the seizures. It was his first time being sick! Have you experienced febrile seizures? What was the cause?