Ben and Will received many toys for Christmas – some were from us, others were from Santa, and others were from grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Many of the toys received were educational which made me very pleased! Now that we’ve had a chance to test them all out, here are my favourites:

Mess-free finger paints – I got Will multi-coloured finger paints without thinking of the mess they would make! We’ll need a huge drop sheet to cover the table AND floor! My sister-in-law, though, got Will Crayola mess-free finger paint and paper which is just perfect for creativity without the clean-up.

Boogie Board – Ben received one of these boogie boards which is perfect for motor skill development. He gets to practice writing and drawing and have a lot of fun in the process! If you haven’t yet heard of Boogie Board, visit

Treehaus Wood Castle Blocks – Ben loves building with Lego. He loves building, period. So I was very pleased to see him receive this. It’s different than Lego but still so much fun. And this is something Will can enjoy using, too! Check it out, here.  

An Old-Fashioned Top – Will got this toy (see a picture here) and has been in awe of it ever since! It’s so simple yet so fascinating. I love that he loves playing with something with no batteries.

What are your favourite educational toys?

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