When Will’s babysitter told me she had thrown up, I knew I needed to brace myself for a night of no sleep. The stomach flu is such a contagious bug. There’s little chance of coming away unscathed once you’ve been exposed.

Sure enough, Will threw up that night. Thankfully, it was just twice and he slept the night through. The next day, though, Ben came home from a birthday party (this was all over the weekend), and told us he had an upset stomach. Sure enough, as it turns out, several of the kids at the party, who happen to live on our street, were also sick. So, of course, I again braced myself for a night of cleaning up vomit. Except it didn’t come…until Monday after school. Ben was up the entire night and so was my husband.

Three down and only one to go. I wondered if I had been spared. Will had the flu on Friday. And my husband and Ben had it Monday. What were the odds that it would just skip me?


I caught it the following night, and it was horrendous.

This bug seemed to have gained strength as it traveled from one family member to the next! By the time it reached me it was violent.

Is the mom getting it last nature’s way of saying “congratulations now that you’ve cleaned up everyone else’s you get the biggest prize of cleaning up your own!”?

Once the stomach bug hits one person in the family, stock up on ginger ale and Gatorade. It’s not going to spare anyone else!

What are your home remedies to cure the stomach flu?

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