August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, so I thought it appropriate that a nursing and maternity store is featured this month!

Evymama is a Toronto boutique business, specializing in breastfeeding apparel and accessories, and other goods for the postpartum mother. I discovered Evymama when I was nursing my first child. I was in search of a baby carrier that would allow me to comfortably nurse my baby “on the go” and had heard that they had a great selection; there were even testers of each model to try out with baby. I loved that idea, so I promptly drove 30 minutes to see what this store in Toronto’s west end was all about. (They have since expanded to include a second store in the east end.)

Fast-forward 6 years, and Evymama is still just as welcoming and knowledgeable as it was on my first visit. With their expertise and training in lactation management, bra fitting and more, staff are available to fit you for the most perfect (and beautiful) nursing bra imaginable, teach you how to wrap your child in a baby carrier, talk to you about your milk supply and your rights as a breastfeeding woman, and everything in between. Each store has a nursing lounge, change table, restroom, and water cooler, making it the perfect place to stop in and get recharged.

And while your body gets recharged, your wardrobe can too! Evymama carries fabulously chic brands such as Boob Design (breastfeeding clothing from Sweden), Seraphina, The M coat, Bella Materna (luxury nursing bras) and Citizens of Humanity (maternity jeans), to name a few.


Owner Sarah LeMay also takes pride in stocking Canadian and locally-made items whenever possible. Her current Canadian favourite is June & Dane, which will be back in Spring 2015… and it will be made locally, in Toronto – right down to the knitting of the fabrics. (Love that!)


It’s been seven years since Evymama first opened its doors and, in that time, they have had doulas, La Leche League leaders, midwives in training, a human rights lawyer, and one family lawyer on staff. Clearly more than just a retail shop, you could say that Evymama talks the breastfeeding talk and walks the breastfeeding walk. Their community outreach and involvement includes hosting monthly Breastfeeding Café events at each shop – the purpose of which is to allow mothers to ask their breastfeeding questions and get excellent, qualified answers. Evymama is also a strong community advocate for breastfeeding and maternal rights and education, having been involved in organizing the Toronto Breastfeeding Challenge for several years, sponsoring the Toronto La Leche League hotline, and making regular in-kind donations of goods to The June Callwood Centre, among many other endeavours.

If you’re a nursing or expectant mother, Evymama is one of my favourite boutiques for the best products, service and advice. Mamas in the Toronto area can shop at either of their retail locations, and if you’re not nearby, they have a fantastic website offering many of the same products that you’ll find in their stores.

Deal Alert!

Evymama is having a huge sale on now, so check out all of their fab deals – both online and in-store!

Evymama locations:

266 Jane Street
Toronto, ON
M6S 3Z2

230 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON
M4K 1N4


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